About Us

Bioceptive was founded in September 2010 to address a long-term lack of innovation in certain areas of women’s health. Our core purpose is to improve the well being of women and families across the globe, regardless of location, education, and socioeconomic status.

The company’s platform technology is based on a new approach to intrauterine devices–the replacement of the sharp, piercing instrument called a cervical tenaculum with a gentler, suction-based device that offers cervical engagement with no trauma or bleeding, plus facilitated entry into the uterus. The disposable version of this device received FDA 510(k) clearance and has undergone a successful clinical trial.  The reusable version of this device is being tested now.

Our first application on this platform is an innovative, intuitive IUD insertion system developed to decrease the adverse events caused by current insertion tools and techniques. It will also expand access to the IUD worldwide by providing a more intuitive and less painful insertion procedure. Bioceptive is now in clinical stage of this patent-pending device.

The Bioceptive IUD Insertion System replaces the use of a cervical tenaculum, a uterine sound, an Os finder, and the current IUD inserters. Our inserter works with each of the two most popular layouts of IUDs: the Nova-T design (Mirena by Bayer HealthCare; Liletta by Allergan/Medicines360) and the Copper-T design (Paragard by Teva Pharmaceuticals; and others globally).

We have a pipeline of other great products to improve women’s health provision, so stay tuned for future developments!

Interested in learning more? Meet our management team here or read about some of our investors.

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